​Due to it's many benefits, Plaztuff™ is ideal for use in the transport


  • Plaztuff™ is virtually indestructible.

  • Plaztuff™ is lightweight, 1/8th the weight of mild steel.

  • Plaztuff™ is suitable for continuous use in outdoor environments with high UV and humidity conditions. 

  • Plaztuff™ can be formulated to be antimicrobial. It does not absorb odors and can be easily cleaned.

  • Plaztuff™ is easy to handle. It does not rust, rot, corrode, or deteriorate in tough external environments. It is not subject to osmosis or electrolysis, and it’s inert in the environment.

  • Plaztuff™ is fully weldable.

  • Plaztuff™ projects can be built to the customer’s exact specifications including color which is embedded and not painted on. Customer’s logo can be CNC routed into the material.

  • Plaztuff™ is FDA food grade, and can be used for transporting potable water.

  • Plaztuff™ can handle a wide range of chemicals and fuel oils.

  • Plaztuff™ can be formulated to be flame retardant, antimicrobial, and high slip.

Plaztuff™ completely eliminates the problem of corrosion.

Plaztuff™ does not rust, rot, or corrode. It can withstand harsh environments without having its appearance compromised. Its color, which is embedded into the product, can last a full 30 years. Your company’s logo or signage can be CNC routed into the material, so it is virtually indestructible and will not fade over time.

Plaztuff™ is currently being used in many areas of the transport industry.  Below are some examples:

Truck Bodies

Garage Doors and Tracks

Truck Decks and Liners

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